Presentation of Results

Arborcheck | Clear, intuitive presentation of results with interpretation guide

Data from the leaf fluorescence and chlorophyll content measurements is presented by the Arborcheck app for both overall tree vitality and current stress levels. Vitality is calculated from 2 parameters; photosynthetic efficiency and chlorophyll content with stress calculated from 4 additional stress indicator (Si) parameters taken from the leaf chlorophyll fluorescence measurements.

Results are displayed both as a graphical summary of vitality and stress and also as a more detailed presentation of the standard deviation from the DBV for each of the individual parameters.

The app also displays a text interpretation of the data which can indicate slight, significant, critical or no reduction in overall vitality with mild, moderate, severe or no current physiological stress levels.

Arborcheck is also supplied with Report Generation Software. This program has been designed to take results files that have been copied from the tablet to a PC and compile them in to a rudimentary appendix to an existing client report proforma that can be printed either physically or to a PDF document (a 3rd party PDF generator like CutePDF may be required).